Complications in spine surgery

Complications in Spine Surgery: Understanding the Risks

Almost every individual faces spine-related issues at some stage of their life.

In most cases (almost 90%), the issue can be fixed with regular medications, lifestyle changes, physiotherapy and yoga.

If the patient’s condition does not improve even after this, then only a specialist might recommend spine surgery.

But a lot of patients are worried about the surgery itself. They feel that this surgery is complicated and might have some serious risks. So is it the case? Well, letโ€™s find out!

Is Spine Surgery Complicated?

When we recommend spine surgery to our patients, the first question they ask us is, “Will I be ok after the surgery?”

Well, it’s important to understand that spine surgery is not rocket science. It is as safe as other surgeries. Just like abdominal surgery or gynaecological procedures, spine surgery is also safe.

So putting it simply, spine surgery is safe. The only issue is there are very limited numbers of surgeons who are trained and qualified for these surgeries.

In such a situation, it’s important that you consult only an experienced and well-trained surgeon. This will ensure the surgery provides the best outcome with safety.

The success rate of spine surgery is as good as any other surgery. The complications arising during spine surgery depend on multiple factors.

If you are getting surgery for a comparatively simpler issue like a slipped disc, the chances of complications are less than 2%. For fusion surgery, the complications are less than 5%. For tumours,ย  the complication rate is between 2% to 5%.

But for tumours, the complication possibility depends on the tumour’s exact location. If the tumour is outside the spine, the risk of complication is 0%.

If it is between the spinal cord and spinal covering (IDEM tumours), the risk is 5%. If the tumour is inside the spinal cord (Intramedullary tumours), the risk is around 10% to 20%.

How to Reduce the Risk of Spine Surgery complications?

There are primarily three ways to reduce the complication risk during spine surgery. They are:

  • Good Surgeon:

    If your surgeon is a spine surgeon specializing in spine surgery, the risk of complications is comparatively very low. Additionally, the more surgeries your surgeon has performed, the better.

  • Good Hospital:

    A hospital with better hygienic conditions, advanced infrastructure, and good ambience ensures less risk of complications. Moreover, you will also need physiotherapy after the surgery. So choosing a hospital having these facilities too is important.


  • Modern equipment:

    Equipment plays a crucial role in successful spine surgery. If your hospital is equipped with advanced tools like high-speed drills, a microscope and an endoscope, the chances of complications reduce significantly.


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Wrapping up

We hope now it’s clear to you that spine surgery is way safer than many people think! It’s as safe as any other surgery when you reach out to the right surgeon at the right time.

So if you are experiencing any issues with your spine, please do not hesitate, feel free to connect with our experts. We will offer you the right guidance and solution.

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