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Neuro Trauma Surgery(Head Injury Surgery)

Neuro Trauma Surgery

What is Neuro Trauma Surgery?

A decompressive craniectomy, in which a section of the skull is removed to allow the brain to temporarily enlarge and recover, may be used to treat a traumatic brain injury.

Our neuroplastic experts may be able to reposition the original bone in some circumstances. In other instances, the bone must be discarded owing to a risk of infection or because the body is breaking it down (resorption).

Our multidisciplinary team can use a custom cranial implant, similar to a hip or knee replacement, to help restore the missing skull. Dr Eshan Nerkar is the top neurosurgeon in Nashik working in Axon Clinic.

How it Affects?

The unexpected event of TBIs had set a significant financial weight on people and families to meet the expenses of hospitalization and restoration.

The influenced families needed to spend assets (their own or acquired from outer source) to arrive at authoritative medical clinics, to deal with harmed individuals during emergency clinic stay and after release.ย 

Age gathering of 21 – 35 years represents 40% of head injury cases in India, male to the female proportion of 4:1.

Significant Reasons for Neuro Trauma

  • Road Traffic Wounds (RTIs) (59%)
  • Falls (25%)
  • Violence (10%)
NeuroTrauma Surgery

Significant Conduct Components

  • Not wearing head protectors
  • Driving under the impact of liquor
  • Over speeding and surpassing
  • Crossing in the street

Majors that should be executed to lessen the weight of head injury

i)Implementing head protector enactment by quick notice and severe authorization;

ii)Reducing driving drunk by severe authorization;

iii)Speed control instruments inside and outside the city by designing and authorization measures

iv)Improving passerby offices by designing arrangements

v)Increasing permeability of vehicles and streets

vi)Better association of crisis and prehospital care offices

vii)Organization and conveyance of restoration administrations.

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    Vedant Pimpalkhare

    Dr Eshan Nerkar is the finest one in the city. I had a injury on head, and he made sure I got on my feet at earliest! Very good experience.

    Dr. Aashika Jain

    I am really grateful for your excellent care, treatment and kindness with my brain injury which I had coz of accident …ur wonderful help and compassion seriously deserve big thanks…thankkkkk youuu so much doctor ๐Ÿ™