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Physiotherapy is a significant treatment for the vast majority of joint pain. It’s controlled by physiotherapists, who are essential for a group of medical care experts who assist you with continuing or keep a functioning and free life both at home and work. They’re specialists in surveying development and can tell you the best way to secure your joints. Your physiotherapist will:

• offer counsel and consolation

• assist you with feeling certain about dealing with your condition

• address any worries or vulnerabilities

• put forward proper objectives to keep you as dynamic as could really be expected.

Expert physiotherapists are prepared for diagnosing and treating joint and muscle issues, and your GP might allude you to an expert physiotherapist as opposed to a rheumatologist or muscular specialist.


Your physiotherapist will begin by asking you inquiries and analyzing the joint(s) you’re finding difficult. This appraisal will allow them to tailor the treatment to your necessities. Treatment might include:

• a program of explicit activities

• general counsel on expanding your activity level and staying away from work out related wounds

• help with discomfort medicines, for example, warmth or ice packs, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve incitement) machines, knead, control, needle therapy, or taping

• giving strolling helps or braces to assist you with remaining portable and autonomous.

Dealing with your aggravation

Joint pain can cause torment in one specific piece of the body or more broad joint and muscle torment. Prescriptions will help yet a physiotherapist can inform you concerning different strategies for relief from the discomfort that work close by your meds. You’ll have the option to proceed with a portion of these medicines yourself between arrangements:

• Ice packs can be utilized to calm hot, enlarged joints.

• Bracing of enlarged or difficult joints might be useful, for instance during an eruption of rheumatoid joint pain.

• TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve incitement) works by impeding torment messages to your cerebrum and changing your view of torment. A TENS machine is a little electronic gadget that sends heartbeats to your sensitive spots by means of cushions set on your skin. This creates a shivering uproar that you might discover mitigating.

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    Mahesh Sonawane

    Dr. Ishan Nerkar is very smart. Knowledgeable, Sensitive, Informative… My father was very distressed, not relaxed. We took the right advice and he made me feel confident about expert medical care.

    Dhanraj Bagle

    Dr. Eshan Nerkar is  the best! Each time we have met, He has provided thorough examinations and has shown genuine concern. I’ve had nothing but great encounters with him